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Experiencing chronic pain, stiffness, and movement issues around your shoulder? It can be an indication of shoulder dislocation. Get in touch with us to book a free consultation with an orthopedic surgeon for comprehensive shoulder dislocation treatment.

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What is the treatment for shoulder dislocation?

The orthopedic surgeon recommends advanced shoulder dislocation treatment, i.e, Arthroscopy. It is a minimally invasive technique where the surgeon creates a few tiny incisions in the shoulder joint region, through which an arthroscope is inserted. An arthroscope is a slender tubular instrument with a light and a camera attachment. Then, the surgeon trims the edges of the glenoid cavity and attaches suture anchors to reattach the detached labrum. With the help of this surgical procedure, the surgeon restores the mobility of the shoulder joint in order to increase the quality of life. 


Types of Shoulder Dislocation Treatments

There are different surgical options for shoulder dislocation repair. The orthopedic doctor generally suggests the best surgical treatment depending on the severity and location of the injury within the shoulder.

  1. Bankart Repair Surgery – A bankart repair is a surgical technique to repair recurrent shoulder joint dislocations. During the procedure, the worn-out ligaments are re-attached to the proper place in the shoulder joint, using the objective of rebuilding normal function.
  2. Capsular Shift Surgery – As the name suggests, this is a surgical procedure to tighten the joint capsule. The arthroscopic doctor in this technique uses an arthroscope to tighten the capsule and the ligaments in order to stabilize the shoulder.
  3. Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery – Total shoulder replacement surgery is also known as shoulder arthroplasty. The procedure removes the damaged parts of the shoulder joint and replaces them with artificial implants.
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Why is shoulder dislocation treatment necessary?

A dislocated shoulder can cause excruciating pain and lead to restricted joint motion. 

If you experience painful symptoms at or around your shoulder joint, you should consult an orthopedic surgeon the earliest who can render the necessary treatment to fix the condition. Failure to get timely treatment can result in extensive damage to the shoulder. 

Leaving shoulder dislocation untreated may result in:

  1. Nerve and vessel damage – An untreated dislocated shoulder can cause damage to the axillary artery and is more common in people older than 60. 
  2. Interference with regular day-to-day activities – If the shoulder dislocation is not promptly treated, it can cause muscle weakness, pain, and muscle spasms and probably hurt the shoulder more with every passing day.
  3. Tendinitis – An inflammation or irritation of a tendon.
  4. Bursitis – Inflammation of the bursa (a small fluid-filled sac that helps in friction between bones and aids free movement of the bursa)
  5. Pain in neck and upper back – An untreated dislocated shoulder joint can cause pain in associated nerves of the neck and upper back.
  6. Multidirectional instability – Leaving a dislocated shoulder untreated can cause instability in moving the arms in different directions.
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How is diagnosis conducted before bankart surgery?

An experienced orthopedic doctor can tell by just physical examination if a shoulder is dislocated or not. Additionally, to confirm, the doctor may ask some general questions like:

  1. How did you injure your shoulder?
  2. How long has been the pain in the shoulder there?
  3. Have you ever experienced such pain in the shoulder before?
  4. What are the first symptoms that you experienced?
  5. Did you fall from height? Did you meet with any accident?

Once the doctor gets clear answers to these queries and understands the cause of your symptoms, the doctor can chart your treatment course better.

The doctor may ask you to undergo some imaging tests like an x-ray or an MRI to get an idea of the extent of the injury. The imaging tests will not just show the extent of the injury but also if there are any broken bones. During a consultation, the orthopedic specialist may also check if you can move the shoulder in different directions or feel any pain or numbness as you move the arm. 

How to prepare for Bankart Repair?

The preparation for shoulder dislocation treatment may include- 

  1. Inform your orthopedic doctor about your health conditions, including the medicines, if you are taking any.
  2. The doctor will prepare you for the surgery by doing some imaging tests like x-rays and evaluating your medical history.
  3. The orthopedic surgeon will perform a physical examination and confirm if you are fit to undergo surgery. 
  4. The doctor will suggest some exercise programs prior to the surgery and also recommend a rehabilitation process after the surgery. This is to ensure the best postoperative care beforehand.
  5. Wear loose-fitting clothes on the day of your bankart surgery. Keep accessories and pieces of jewelry of any kind at home if you wear any.
  6. Know about the insurance coverage for the surgery. Talk to the medical coordinator of the hospital where you will undergo surgery.
  7. Get someone to drive you to the hospital and on your way back home after the surgery. At Max Health, this hassle is cut down since we provide a free cab facility to pick you up and drop you off after the surgery.
  8. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours before the surgery unless the doctor says otherwise. 
  9. The surgeon or anesthesia provider may prescribe some medicines that you need to take before the surgery. Follow the prescriptions diligently.
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Average Cost of Bankart Surgery for a Dislocated Shoulder

The average cost of shoulder dislocation treatment through bankart surgery in India ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 75,000. The cost varies from patient to patient, and depends on a variety of factors such as:

  1. The city where the surgery is performed
  2. General cost of hospitalization
  3. Cost of diagnostic tests
  4. Surgeon’s fees
  5. Severity of the condition
  6. Type of surgery – open vs. minimally invasive
  7. Duration and type of rehabilitation and post surgery care required
  8. Type of anesthesia
  9. Patient’s age and overall health condition
  10. Insurance coverage

To know the average cost of shoulder dislocation treatment in your city, get in touch with us.

What to expect during bankart repair surgery?

Bankart shoulder repair surgery starts with the orthopedic doctor making small incisions around the shoulder region. The orthopedic doctor inserts a tiny camera to view the insides of the joint. Using small instruments, the doctor attaches the labrum to the glenoid bone. The orthopedic surgeon inserts small anchors into the bone and stitches to put the labrum in place. An arthroscopic bankart repair surgery involves the repair of the torn ligament via sutures called anchors. The procedure provides significant improvement in shoulder function with a low recurrence rate and increased shoulder stability. 

Benefits of arthroscopic bankart surgery

Benefits of arthroscopic bankart surgery compared to conventional surgery for bankart tear and dislocated shoulder are:

  1. Small incisions
  2. Less surgical time
  3. Minimal postoperative pain and discomfort
  4. Low chances of complications
  5. Less blood loss
  6. Improved range of motion of the shoulder joint 
  7. Enhanced stability of the shoulder joint 
  8. Low chances of repeated dislocation

Frequently Asked Questions on Shoulder Dislocation

If you are experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms, you may require immediate medical assistance for shoulder dislocation treatment-

  1. Trouble moving your arm
  2. Instability of the shoulder and the back
  3. Severe shoulder pain
  4. Swelling and bruising of your shoulder or upper arm
  5. Numbness and/or weakness in your arm, neck, hand, or fingers
  6. Your arm seems to be out of place
  7. Muscle spasms in your shoulder

Anchor sutures are spiral screws usually used to fix tendons and ligaments to the bone. Depending on the patient’s need and the surgeon’s preference, they can be made of plastic, metal, or a bio-dissolvable material.

Arthroscopic bankart surgery repair has a 90-95% success rate, and people can resume daily activities, including sports, in 2-3 months. In general, you can begin weight training 3 months after the surgery. However, complete internal recovery may take about 4-6 months.

Suture anchors are tiny screws that are used to attach soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, or the meniscus to the bone to promote healing in minimally invasive surgeries. At Max Health, we use PEEK and other biocomposite suture anchor material for bankart or labrum tear repair.

It is very important to personalize the rehabilitation program based on the patient’s needs, the extent of the injury, and their normal activity level. For example, rehabilitation for an unstable shoulder after arthroscopic surgery, especially in patients with repeated shoulder joint dislocations, depends on the cause of the tear, degree of joint instability, frequency of joint dislocation, the direction of the dislocation/instability, neuromuscular control over the joint, and patient’s activity level.

Though arthroscopic bankart repair operation is very safe, in rare cases, it may be associated with complications such as nerve injury, poor suture attachment, wound infection, rupture of the repair, shoulder stiffness, recurrence of the injury, and long-term complications due to low-quality anchors.

Recovery After Shoulder Dislocation Treatment

The recovery process of bankart surgery may include- 

  1. Recovery after the bankart surgery is not complicated. But you need to follow the advice of the doctor without fail to ensure a smooth recovery. 
  2. You may require to stay at the hospital for a day after the surgery. During the stay, the doctor will monitor your recovery process. 
  3. The doctor may administer pain medications and antibiotics to alleviate the pain and prevent any infection at the surgical site.
  4. Physiotherapy is recommended at least a week after the surgery. The doctor will guide you with the exercises and home care. If needed, the doctor may also position the arm if an immobilizer sling for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.
  5. It is advised to use only the non-surgical arm to perform daily work for at least five to seven days after the surgery. 
  6. You can begin driving after 4-6 weeks after the bankart surgery. 
  7. Lifting weights with the surgical arm and any form of contact sports should be avoided for at least six months after the surgery.
  8. Medicines prescribed after the surgery are likely to aid in quick recovery. Make sure not to miss the medicine doses.

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