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Treat Vaginal Looseness with Safe and Painless Laser Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Kukatpally Hyderabad.

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About Laser Vaginal Tightening

A woman goes through various body changes throughout her life that includes vaginal laxity, stress and urinary inconsistency, decrease in vaginal sensation or loss of vaginal lubrication. Women wish to get rid of problems such as urinary leakage, vaginal dryness, itching, soreness and loss of sensitivity of the vagina with laser vaginal tightening. At Max Health, laser vagina tightening procedure helps women bring back the sexual pleasure that is lost due to vaginal laxity. Consult a gynecologist in Kukatpally Hyderabad for the best treatment.


  1. Simple, safe & painless
  2. Less than 20 minutes procedure
  3. No downtime required
  1. Better control over urinary bladder and pelvic muscles
  2. Reduced vaginal looseness and increased sensation
  3. Solves dryness, foul smell, and incessant itching in the vaginal area
  4. Restores vaginal suppleness and unifies the texture of the skin
  5. Increased chances of satisfaction during sexual intercourse
  1. Better quality of life
  2. Better personal hygiene
  3. Improved sexual life
  1. Free cab pick-up and drop
  2. USFDA approved procedure
  3. Call in complete privacy
  4. Affordable vaginal tightening
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The gynecologist will physically examine the patient to check the extent or severity of the condition. The number of sessions are then confirmed by the gynecologist.

Laser Treatment

A gynecologist does a thorough pelvic exam and then begins the treatment. The treatment is performed using a laser which is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. This involves inserting a fractional laser probe, about four to six centimeters into the vagina. The laser beam penetrates about 0.5 millimeters into the vaginal wall, allowing maximum stimulation of proteins. A proper hygiene of the intimate area is the primary concern. This treatment ensures overall vaginal improvement and a huge level of satisfaction.

The process is not at all painful—patients only feel a slight pressure—and the procedure is over in less than 10 minutes. It’s generally recommended that women get the procedure three times, with each session spaced four to six weeks apart. The appointments are scheduled keeping in mind the menstrual cycle too. Therefore, get the laser vaginal tightening for a healthy intimate life.

FAQs on Laser Vaginal Tightening

There will be no pain after the treatment. It is a completely safe and risk-free procedure.

The effects of this procedure are long lasting. The effects of this treatment last up to 4 to 5 years.

There will be no harm to the vaginal area or the reproductive system of the female because of laser treatment.

Yes, laser vaginal tightening does not only tighten your vaginal walls but also tones your pelvic muscles and increases their strength and control, thereby solving urinal leakage.

Ideally, the doctor performing laser vaginal tightening should have at least one or more of the following qualifications:

  1. MBBS
  2. DGO
  3. DNB/MS- General Surgery
  4. MS-Gynecology
  5. MS- Obstetrics
  6. MS-Plastic Surgery
  7. Masters Course in Cosmetic Gynecology (MCCG)
  8. Diploma course in Cosmetic Gynecology (DCCG)
  9. Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology (FCG)

No. The laser can not burn your vaginal skin. The heat generated during the procedure is extremely low and adjustable. Your doctor continues the treatment only after a patch test and all the temperature recordings are electronically maintained for the next visit.

The number of laser vaginal tightening sessions you require depends directly on the extent of your vaginal looseness. Therefore, depending on the exact severity of your condition you might only need only 1-2 sessions, or extend to 3-5 sessions.

No. There is no downtime after the laser vaginal tightening session. You can go home immediately after and resume your regular work/ office.

Yes, you can! Elder age is not a restraining factor on vaginal tightening. As long as you are 18+ and your doctor finds you medically fit to undergo the treatment.

The sooner, the better! The underlying principle is that the surgery does not reduce its effectiveness with time unless penetrated physically. Therefore, it is best you consult your doctor the earliest and schedule the surgery the soonest you can so you could live more stress-free and avoid all last minute complications.

Yes, you can! But doctors suggest you wait for a minimum of 3 months post-delivery before you go for any vaginal tightening procedures.

No, Laser Vaginal Tightening is a procedure focussed on making your vagina tighter and pelvic muscles more toned. This is why it helps you attain a more youthful effect. But, if by virginity you are looking for the reconstruction of hymen/ bleeding during sexual intercourse, then no. It does not do that. The surgery that reconstructs the hymen membrane is called hymenoplasty.

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Vamshi KrishnaVamshi Krishna
16:15 23 Nov 22
Dr. Krishna Chaitanya is very experienced physician. We are consulting the doctor from past 4 years. And hospital 🏥 is also good 👍. My feedback isn't because I know Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, the way he treat the patient with right procedure.
tulasi dvtulasi dv
13:33 22 Nov 22
Being new to Hyderabad, luckily came to know about Doctor Puneet (Vascular Surgeon - Diabetic Foot care) through Google (Good) Reviews.Hospital was good with multi specialist doctors. Clean environment with seating facilities, restroom, drinking water. Receptionist, nurses, pharmacy staffs were so kind & helpful. As far as i know, it is Walk - In to meet any Doctor (First cum first served). Hospital is equipped with latest technology medical machine.Met Dr. Puneet Joopali for Diabetic Vascular issue for my elderly MIL. We were very happy & satisfied after consulting Doc. He speaks well, highly knowledgeable, easy to converse, explains well. Met him again to clear a doubt even without an appointment. He was kind enough to explain. I got his number & consulted him for general medical advice. He instantly replied over message. Very difficult to find doctors of this type who are easy to approach & get best advice.For Diabetics, Dr. Puneeth directed us to Dr. SVP Reddy. He was also easy to talk with, consulted well & with his medication sugar level is under control.Only one disadvantage we felt was that the prescribed tablets were Hyderabad manufactured & they were available only in hospital pharmacy. We couldn't get it in outside big pharmacy in Hyderabad city. Thanks to both doctors and also Max health Staffs.
11:26 17 Aug 22
I have been admitted in Max health hospital with the very low platelet count (8000) Dr. SVP Reddy sir (General Physician) treated excellent. Nursing staff and duty doctors are serviced very well even in night time also. House keeping staff serviced very well and Duty doctors follow up also nice daily. I will recommend this hospital. I have joined in the hospital with lot of problem. But discharged without any issues.Especially Thanks to the administration staff.
MBL SreedharMBL Sreedhar
16:22 11 Jul 22
It was my first ever dental treatment. I have multiple problems of yellowish teeth, swollen gums and cavities. I got my teeth cleaned, gum surgery was done and cavities were filled with high quality cement. It was quite a great experience being treated by Dr Manjusha madam. She made me feel comfortable. The treatment was painless. I would recommend this clinic if you have any kind of dental problems.
Good but blood samples is the draw back who blood samples who is going to check but overall is good and hospital is located at the main centre of location and it's very easy to find out the hospital and it's located at KPHB road number 1 commun beside reymond show room infront of chaitanya food court.