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Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of the labia minora. Labiaplasty remains the best treatment when the protruding labia minora causes pain and discomfort for the woman. If you want to correct the shape of your labia and enhance its look, speak to our gynecologist for labiaplasty and understand how the surgery can benefit your body and life. We facilitate multiple payment options for the surgery and guarantee complete confidentiality throughout your consultation, surgery, and after that.

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What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the surgical reduction of the labia minora, the inner lips of the vaginal lips. Enlarged labia can be a medical as well as cosmetic concern for women. But, in recent years, surgery has rapidly become a popular cosmetic surgery. 

Worldwide, the number of labiaplasties performed in 2019 reached 164,667, corresponding to a 24.1% increase compared to 2018 and a 73.3% rise compared to 2015. (Source –

As a woman grows, she witnesses specific changes throughout different stages of her life, including her vaginal areas. One such common concern is enlarged labia. Changes in the size and shape of the labia might be brought on by many factors, including childbirth, weight fluctuation, or the natural aging process. When a woman experiences dissatisfaction with her labia size or feels any pain due to the enlarged labia, they seek labiaplasty surgery.


Best clinic for labiaplasty surgery in Hyderabad

Are you looking for a clinic where undergoing labiaplasty is safe, affordable and confidential simultaneously? Consult with our expert gynecologists for labiaplasty surgery and understand the changes how the enlarged labia surgery can bring changes in your body

Labiaplasty is a sensitive and confidential topic; hence, we ensure extreme confidentiality and privacy for each female who approaches us for labiaplasty surgery. Our gynecologists understand the sensitive nature of surgically correcting the vaginal lips and the importance of this surgery in a woman’s life.

Our board-certified gynecologists with years of experience will help you starting from the initial consultation and ensure the right way to get the labiaplasty surgery done. Book an appointment to schedule your consultation with our gynecologists today, and understand how the surgery can bring positive changes in your life. 

Max Health clinics are equipped with modern-age and scientifically-advanced surgical infrastructure that enables a gynecologist to perform labiaplasty in women without any risks and complications.

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How is labiaplasty done?


Consulting a gynecologist is the right approach for diagnosing enlarged labia. The doctor will ask about your symptoms and sexual and medical history during the initial consultation. After that, the gynecologist will carry out a physical exam. Additionally, the doctor might recommend you go through a swab test or take a sample of the tissue to determine the presence of any infections that might alter the outcome of the surgery.


A labiaplasty is ideally performed at a clinic, but it can also be done at gynecology hospitals. The surgery can be done using either a general anesthetic or a local anesthetic with sedation. 

Labiaplasty involves shortening, reshaping, or reconstructing the vaginal lips. The unwanted protruding tissue is cut away with a scalpel or laser. The loose edge may be stitched with fine, dissolvable stitches. 

Once the surgery is over, the patient is shifted to a private ward and is kept under observation until the anesthesia wears out. Since labiaplasty surgery is a daycare procedure, the patient will be allowed to go home after regaining consciousness.

How to prepare for labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty surgery results are permanent; hence, the surgery is considered paramount. Hence, before the procedure, the gynecologist will ensure that you are through a counseling session and are well informed about the procedure and its effects.

Before the procedure, you will have a standard pelvic examination to identify any infections that may need treatment before the surgery.

As labiaplasty is performed under the influence of anesthesia, you will be asked to refrain from eating any food or drinking any fluid 8 hours before the surgery.

You will be instructed to stop taking blood thinners or any anti-inflammatory medications for at least a week before the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, it’s important to wear loose-fitting clothing and bring a device for listening to music (if you have it under local anesthetic).

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What is the purpose of labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a genital cosmetic surgery, the purpose of which is to make the labia aesthetically pleasing. Surgery is done as a patient’s choice and request, not as a medical treatment. The reasons why a woman may choose to undergo labiaplasty are very personal. Common reasons are:

  1. Protrusion – Labiaplasty can be an effective treatment for women who want to reshape the uneven edges and sides of the labia. Although medical professionals consider labia asymmetry normal, most women find it aesthetically unpleasant and seek labiaplasty.
  2. Symmetry – Labiaplasty can be an effective treatment for women who want to reshape the uneven edges and sides of the labia. Although medical professionals consider labia asymmetry normal, most women find it aesthetically unpleasant and seek labiaplasty.
  3. Pain and discomfort – The enlargement of the labia may cause tenderness, bleeding, pain, and irritation in the labia minora during sex or any athletic activity. Women seek labiaplasty to find relief from such painful symptoms.
  4. Concerns with appearance – Women may also want to alter how the labia look under their undergarments or when they are nude. Just like any other body part, the desire to have a pleasing genital is genuine too.
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Different Labiaplasty Techniques

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that aims at enhancing the appearance of the vulva by reducing the size of the labia minora and the inner lips of the vulva. Earlier, doctors used to rely only on one single method of labia reduction surgery. However, with the advancement of medical technologies and techniques over the years, the labia can now be treated in three methods:

  1. Edge trim Procedure – This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon in this procedure makes the incision vertically along the length of the labia minora with the help of a laser or scalpel. Once the linear incision is made, the doctor removes the excess tissue around the labia minora to make it look more symmetrical with the labia majora.
  2. Wedge procedure: This procedure involves the removal of a small part of the excess tissue from the labia minora in the shape of a wedge. Keeping the submucosa layer intact, the surgeon removes only the thickest part of the inner lips. This procedure is also performed after the administration of anesthesia.
  3. De-epithelialization procedure: Performed under the influence of general anesthesia, the gynecologist in this procedure completely removes the inner lining of the labia. The post-surgical complications of this procedure are less than all other procedures and the recovery time is fast.

Recovery after Labiaplasty

  1. The recovery after labiaplasty is typically easy and risk-free, provided you follow your doctor’s recovery instructions.
  2. There might be swelling and pain after the surgery, but that usually goes away with time and over-the-counter medication. In case you don’t see the pain and swelling decrease, be sure to contact your doctor.
  3. Like any other surgery, home remedies may help you soother the post-surgery effects in case of labiaplasty too. Home remedies like cold compresses or ice packs can help relieve pain and swelling. Apply an ice pack to the operative area for 20 minutes to reduce pain and swelling.
  4. The doctor may prescribe an oral or topical antibiotic to apply to your surgical wound to prevent infection.
  5. Wear loose-fitting pants and undergarments during the recovery period. Tight-fitting clothes can cause friction against the wound and prevent or delay healing.
  6. Use only lukewarm water to wash the surgical wound. Gently wipe or dab the area dry after peeing. Do not use soap to clean the site; do not rub.
  7. You may be able to return to your normal lifestyle between two and four weeks after surgery. But you should refrain from exerting any pressure in your body. It may take another few weeks for you to return to sports and fitness.

FAQs on Labiaplasty

As of August 2022, no guideline in India bans labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty is often a medical necessity, and there are multiple gynecology clinics in India where expert doctors perform labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is not suggested for girls younger than 18 because the labia continues to develop beyond puberty into early adulthood.

Benefits of labiaplasty include:

  1. Improved vaginal aesthetics – Labiaplasty targets the darkly-pigmented and drooping vaginal lips. If the labia majora is oversized, the access tissues are also removed during the surgery. Labiaplasty allows for a smaller, neater, and more visually-appealing vagina overall.
  2. Higher levels of sexual confidence – Labiaplasty streamlines the vaginal lips and makes the vagina look aesthetically pleasing. This treatment is especially appealing to women who have experienced multiple childbirths and who now have stretched and elongated vaginal lips as a result.
  3. Comfort in wearing tight-fit clothes – Labiaplasty is a boon for women who have to wear tight-fit clothes for long hours.
  4. Increased comfort – The careful reduction of the labia tissues makes it possible to alleviate issues with pressure and friction for a healthier and far more comfortable vagina overall.

Labiaplasty is usually performed to reduce the size and improve the shape of labia minora and labia majora. The surgeon trims the excess labial tissue to make it tighter. But the surgery does not tighten the vagina at large.

Labiaplasty may take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. It is a daycare procedure, and the patient can head home the same day. But considering the surgery preparation and the post-surgery time, the whole procedure may take around 3 hours.

The initial swelling, soreness, and temporary discoloration of the labia lips will start fading over the first couple weeks after surgery. Most swelling will vanish after six weeks. However, it may take up to 1 month to 45 days for swelling to completely go away before seeing the final results of your labiaplasty.

The success rate of labiaplasty surgery is around 93-95 percent which is a fairly high success rate for any type of surgical procedure.

The cost of labiaplasty can be as minimum as 30000 INR and can reach at a maximum of 35000 INR.

Labiaplasty surgery is usually performed under anesthesia, and you will feel little to no discomfort during the surgery. But some mild post-op pain will most likely occur. Operating on a sensitive area like the labia will cause normal discomfort. This pain is likely to subside soon with medicines.

A labiaplasty only trims excess labia minora tissues. The surgery does not have any effect on a woman’s virginity.

There is no stopping having sex after labiaplasty. But you will have to abstain for almost 2 months or until your doctor tells you so. Your incisions need adequate time to heal, and even gentle sex can interfere with the healing process.

There is a possibility of complications occurring after any other surgical procedure that involves cuts or incisions. A patient may experience a couple of complications after a labia reduction surgery, which can include the following:

  1. Bleeding from the surgical site

  2. Infection around the wound

  3. Allergic reaction to the anesthesia 

  4. Scarring in and around the surgical site

  5. Chronic dryness

  6. Formation of blood clots or hematoma

It is extremely important to take proper care and follow the set of post-operative guidelines that the doctor prescribes. Following the doctor’s instructions properly can help eliminate the risks of severe complications.

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