Dr Krishna Chaithanya

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya

MBBS, MS , FMAS(Fellow in Minimal Access Surgery)
GI and Laparoscopic Surgeon
Time : 9 am - 6 pm

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is an effective procedure to treat certain conditions such as hernia, gallbladder stones, appendicitis, etc. This procedure is also known as keyhole surgery due to the minute nature of incisions involved. The surgeon uses a long, thin instrument called a laparoscope which is attached to a high-resolution camera on the other end. The camera provides live images of the organs and tissues in the abdomen. The surgeon locates the epicenter of the disease via an external monitor and operates with high precision.

Who are Laparoscopic Surgeons?

Laparoscopic surgeons refer to a category of specialists who have years of practice in performing laparoscopic surgeries. These surgeons are also called general surgeons who use minimally invasive techniques for performing the surgery. Laparoscopy requires precision to operate on sensitive areas of the abdomen without having full access to the organs, unlike open surgery.

Our Specialities

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Inguinal Hernia

Protrusion of internal organs into abdominal muscle wall

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Inflammation, swelling, or infection in the appendix

Best Hospital in kukatpally

Thyroid swelling

Inflammation, swelling, or infection in the thyroid gland

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Fissure in Ano

Severe pain during defecation with blood in stools...

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Abdominal pain

There are several causes of abdominal pain which include..

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Swellings on the body

There are several types of body swellings which include..

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Hardened deposits of bile in the gallbladder

Breast Lump

An abnormal swelling in the breast usuallly discovered accidentally on self examination....

Piles/ haemarroids

Protrusion of mucosa with bledding from the rectum...

Fistula in Ano

Abnormal discharge (pus/blood) from the anus

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Scrotal swelling-Hydrocele

hydrocele is usuallly cogenital but may also be aquired ...

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Perianal abscess

hydrocele is usuallly cogenital but may also be aquired ...

Most Frequently Asked Questions by Laparoscopic Surgery

Some of the most common diseases treated under laparoscopy are Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, inflammation of the gallbladder(cholecystitis), endometriosis, appendicitis, and hydrocele. 

Max Health offers laparoscopic treatment for hernias, gallbladder stones, appendicitis, and hydrocele at affordable rates and no-cost EMI. 

There are certain factors that determine the overall cost of laparoscopic surgery – 

  1. Type of disease
  2. Medical condition of the patient
  3. Cost of anesthesia used
  4. Selection of hospital (government or private)
  5. Experience and expertise of the laparoscopic surgeon
  6. Cost of medicines and surgical items 
  7. Insurance coverage

In laparoscopic surgeries, the surgeon makes minimal incisions similar to the size of a keyhole. The laparoscope assists the surgeon by providing live images on an external monitor. It is an advanced procedure that ensures faster recovery. Open surgery involves a large incision which increases the amount of blood loss and increases the recovery time.

Laparoscopic surgery usually takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the medical condition of the patient and the surgical expertise of the surgeon. The OT time for laparoscopic surgery also varies according to the type of disease. 

No, laparoscopic surgery is not painful since the patient is administered general or local anesthesia. The patient is either sedated or asleep throughout the surgery and does not feel any pain. However, slight numbness around the incision site may be felt after the effects of anesthesia wear off. 

Patients can resume their normal routine within a week after the laparoscopic procedure with certain restrictions around exerting and lifting heavyweights. However, full recovery may take around two weeks, depending on the type of disease. 

Laparoscopic surgeons at Max Health have a minimum experience of 8 to 10 years. Max Health has experienced surgeons with an excellent track record of successful laparoscopic surgeries that ensure a success rate of over 90%. 

Laparoscopic surgery involves small incisions, unlike open surgery. Due to small incisions, there is less blood loss which leads to a faster recovery. Patients can resume their daily work within 7 to 10 days after consulting the doctor. 

Medical tools and instruments used during laparoscopic surgery depend on the type of disease to be treated. However, most of the time, the surgeon uses these standard tools and equipment during laparoscopy –

  1. Laparoscope – Used to generate images of the organs and tissues around the abdomen.
  2. Needle driver – Used for suturing the wound after the surgery. 
  3. Trocar – Assists in draining the fluid from the body. 
  4. Bowel grasper – Used to grasp abdomen tissue without having to cut open the abdomen.
  5. Surgical mesh – Adds extra strength to the abdominal wall to prevent a recurrence.

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Vamshi KrishnaVamshi Krishna
16:15 23 Nov 22
Dr. Krishna Chaitanya is very experienced physician. We are consulting the doctor from past 4 years. And hospital 🏥 is also good 👍. My feedback isn't because I know Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, the way he treat the patient with right procedure.
tulasi dvtulasi dv
13:33 22 Nov 22
Being new to Hyderabad, luckily came to know about Doctor Puneet (Vascular Surgeon - Diabetic Foot care) through Google (Good) Reviews.Hospital was good with multi specialist doctors. Clean environment with seating facilities, restroom, drinking water. Receptionist, nurses, pharmacy staffs were so kind & helpful. As far as i know, it is Walk - In to meet any Doctor (First cum first served). Hospital is equipped with latest technology medical machine.Met Dr. Puneet Joopali for Diabetic Vascular issue for my elderly MIL. We were very happy & satisfied after consulting Doc. He speaks well, highly knowledgeable, easy to converse, explains well. Met him again to clear a doubt even without an appointment. He was kind enough to explain. I got his number & consulted him for general medical advice. He instantly replied over message. Very difficult to find doctors of this type who are easy to approach & get best advice.For Diabetics, Dr. Puneeth directed us to Dr. SVP Reddy. He was also easy to talk with, consulted well & with his medication sugar level is under control.Only one disadvantage we felt was that the prescribed tablets were Hyderabad manufactured & they were available only in hospital pharmacy. We couldn't get it in outside big pharmacy in Hyderabad city. Thanks to both doctors and also Max health Staffs.
11:26 17 Aug 22
I have been admitted in Max health hospital with the very low platelet count (8000) Dr. SVP Reddy sir (General Physician) treated excellent. Nursing staff and duty doctors are serviced very well even in night time also. House keeping staff serviced very well and Duty doctors follow up also nice daily. I will recommend this hospital. I have joined in the hospital with lot of problem. But discharged without any issues.Especially Thanks to the administration staff.
MBL SreedharMBL Sreedhar
16:22 11 Jul 22
It was my first ever dental treatment. I have multiple problems of yellowish teeth, swollen gums and cavities. I got my teeth cleaned, gum surgery was done and cavities were filled with high quality cement. It was quite a great experience being treated by Dr Manjusha madam. She made me feel comfortable. The treatment was painless. I would recommend this clinic if you have any kind of dental problems.
Good but blood samples is the draw back who blood samples who is going to check but overall is good and hospital is located at the main centre of location and it's very easy to find out the hospital and it's located at KPHB road number 1 commun beside reymond show room infront of chaitanya food court.

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