The Power and Benefits of Yoga

The word “yoga” has taken birth from the root Sanskrit word “Yuj”. The word Yuj is so vast that it has many interpretations, but the closest one means “to unite”. Yoga in a deeper sense is a medium to connect one’s soul to the body or the union between the individual consciousness and universal consciousness.

The benefits of yoga are backed by scientific proof. It is recommended to do yoga every day for a healthy mind and body. Yoga connects one to the spiritual self, in-turn reducing anxiety and mental stress, improving flexibility, providing strength, gaining mental peace, improving immunity system, lowering heart and brain disease risk, improving sleep and the overall quality of life.

Let’s have a deeper look at each of the benefits of yoga.

  1. Yoga helps in reducing anxiety:
    Anxiety has of late become a common condition. Yoga proves to be very beneficial in reducing stress as it focuses on eliminating the negative energy from your body and eventually it relieves you from your all-day anxieties.

  2. Yoga reduces mental stress:
    In today’s world, stress is increasing at an alarming rate. Stress is a very common yet exhausting issue, it may cause aggressive behavior or restlessness; and prevents people from thinking logical. This condition demands tranquility, which meditation (part of Yoga) has proven to bring time and again. Meditation reduces stress.

  3. Yoga improves flexibility:
    Yoga prescribes poses and postures, which with daily practice make your body very flexible. Having a flexible body reduces the risk of arthritis, spondylitis, and bone-related problems. Initially, these yoga “asanas” must be done under the guidance of a professional.

  4. Yoga provides strength to the body:
    One of the main benefits of Yoga is strengthening the body not only from the outside but also from the inside. Making your body strong helps in fighting many diseases. This strength-building exercise is helpful for all age groups. People who feel weak or sick should practice yoga; and those who are strong and healthy too should.

  5. Yoga gives mental peace:
    As we have read before, yoga helps one to connect with its spiritual self. This connection/ bond helps one to relax and calm down. Living in the present world lifestyle we all have been looking forward to a peaceful state of mind, well yoga is your answer.

  6. Yoga improves immunity:
    Yoga is one of the best ways to improve one’s immunity. Yoga acts as an immunity boosterand strengthens the immune system to a great extent. There are a lot of drinks and foods that improve your immunity but along with that if you also practice yoga in your daily routine that will help you increase your immunity even more rapidly.

  7. Yoga helps prevent heart and brain diseases:
    The power of yogais not only restricted to stress and immunity but also protects our body from many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and brain hemorrhage. Daily practice of yoga helps blood circulation in every part of your body, which keeps in check the oxygen flow in the blood. A healthy blood flow in the body leads to a healthy body.

  8. Yoga improves sleep:
    Many people these days are suffering from insomnia, given their workload and improper day-to-day routine. Proper sleep is necessary for a healthy body, and it should not be neglected. One of the benefits of yoga also includes relaxation from insomnia. It has been noticed that people who practice Yoga daily have improved signs of sleep.

  9. Yoga improves the quality of life:
    Besides the benefits listed above, yoga eventually leads you to a quality life. Nothing is more worth than a healthy and peaceful life. And all it takes is to practice this age-old practice of yoga.

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