How to teach your kids 'The healthy eating habits'?

Being parents is not an easy task, especially when it comes to feeding them food, and that too healthy food. Children generally do not like to eat home-cooked food instead they want to eat junk food like burgers, pizza, fries, etc. On top of that, if they see an advertisement on television, promoting any sort of this junk food, they are even more attracted to it. They even argue with their parents to take them to the respective restaurant and feed them there otherwise they will not have food, leaving their parents with no option.

So, these days it is very difficult to make them understand that junk food is not good for them. But to avoid these habits at an early age, we can teach them some good and healthy eating habits. Eating healthy food not only prevents them from several diseases but also helps in maintaining good health. 

Let’s see some of the healthy food eating habits we can teach the children.

  1. Avoid dining out regularly:
    We should always encourage the habit of eating home-cooked food. This will have a good impact on the child’s health and he will learn the importance of healthy foods. The restaurants use the oil again and again and don’t follow the proper hygiene. Having dinner outside regularly will have the understanding in the child’s mind that it is okay to have food outside. We should avoid that thinking.

  2. Proper snack schedule:
    The kids generally get hungry in the evening time and ask for some snacks. They should be given healthy snacks with less oil and sugar so that their hunger is also satisfied and their body gets something healthy. They should be given the snacks at a proper fixed time. It should not be the case that they are having snacks at the time of dinner.

  3. Switch off the TV while they eat:
    These days it is the habit of children that they want every meal in front of the TV or mobile. This habit should not be encouraged as eating while watching makes them addicted to it and also they don’t have the sense that they are full and in that case, it can lead them to overeat. Also, to watch TV for longer durations, they make this a habit to keep eating slowly.

  4. Be a follower of healthy foods:
    To teach your child good food eating habits, you also have to be their role model in terms of eating healthy foods. You have to follow a properly balanced diet routine along with your child to let them know that only eating healthy foods will lead them to a healthy body. Instead of dictating to them the healthy food choices, we should make them know all the available healthy varieties of food.

  5. Go shopping with them:
    While going out to get some fresh vegetables, fruits, or groceries, you should take the children along with you so that they learn the importance of healthy foods. Also, you can tell the significance of every healthy item you take so that they get an idea about the healthy and right choices for their body.

  6. Watch their speed of eating:
     It is always good to eat the food slowly and chew it properly for better digestion. The first step of digestion starts in the mouth by chewing properly so that the body can get more nutrients out of the food. So it is better to first observe your child’s speed of finishing the food and check whether he is full before you give the second serving.

  7. Make them eat with the family:
    It is always advisable to make this habit in children of eating with family. Like this, they will also learn the family values and will start enjoying the healthy food. They will watch how everyone around them is eating the right food and then they will also develop the habit of eating healthy foods instead of junk food.

  8. Don’t punish them for food:
     Never punish your children in the name of food. Giving them burgers for scoring high and keeping them deprived of food for not performing well is not the right way of treating your children. This way they will feel that junk food has a higher priority because we are getting it as a reward and they will feel attracted to it.

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