Welcome to Max Health Hospitals

Max Health Hospitals, one of the top hospitals in Hyderabad, is a 100+ bedded, multispecialty hospital located at KPHB, Kukatpally. The hospital with its team of 50+ top quality doctors in Hyderabad and 100+ trained staff offers treatment in 20-plus specialties. Max Health Hospitals was founded on the principle of providing excellent care at affordable prices for the populace of Kukatpally. We pride in providing best care to all our patients in a patient-friendly environment with an unflinching focus on clinical excellence, transparency & affordability, patient safety & dignity, and accessibility to quality care for every patient. 

Since its inception, Max Health Hospital has aimed to become the best hospital in Hyderabad that offers high quality hospital care and facilities to patients at prices which are affordable.

Constantly striving to push the limits of medical excellence, Max Health Hospitals takes pains to recruit the best talent available. The hospital team includes top quality doctors in Hyderabad who have decades of experience in their field. Thanks to its stringent quality care policy, Max Health Hospitals has the best urologist in Hyderabad, best vascular surgeon, top quality general and laparoscopic surgeon, among others.

Constantly striving to push the limits of medical excellence, Max Health Hospitals has become a brand when it comes to affordable care and is known as one of the best affordable hospitals in Kukatpally. Our team continuously seeks solutions to provide better patient care by improving overall hospital facilities, but at the same time ensuring control over patient costs. Max Health Hospitals aim to provide world-class healthcare services at affordable costs, with a relentless emphasis on excellence in service, quality, empathy, and respect for the individual.


Quality Care

Our continuous search for best practices in healthcare has led to our superior quality and performance as ‘leaders in the field’.



Our highly qualified and experienced doctors are committed and available round-the-clock to serve patients in their respective area of expertise.



Our advance technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us provide superior quality service to patients - timely and efficiently.



We specialize in performing advanced procedures and interventions causing minimal discomfort and speedy recovery for patients.

Core Values

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Max Health Hospitals values each human life and believe they need the best treatment possible.

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Max Health Hospitals realizes the stress that every patient who walks through the doors might be under. To address it, we walk that extra mile by being courteous to patients and family.

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Max Health Hospitals deploy the best-in-class infrastructure, processes, and team in order to provide the patient quality care at affordable costs.

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Max Health Hospitals believes in transparency and remaining faithful to our stakeholders

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Max Health Hospitals will continue to pursue excellence in its domain expertise through sustained research and adopting best practices in the industry.



Max Health Hospitals imbibes the value of giving back to the society and we accomplish this through providing the best quality care and support to patients who seek our help

Our Philosophy

Comfort, Compassion, Empathy, and Warmth, is the cornerstone of Max Health Hospitals’ philosophy and our way of life. Our philosophy dictates our actions, and ensures our care complements our treatment protocols. Max Health Hospitals believe it has a responsibility of bringing the finest medical care to every individual’s reach and earn the confidence and trust of patients in their fight against ailments. We take every step in gaining the confidence from patients and their loved ones. Our greatest reward is seeing a happy and satisfied smile on our patients’ faces.

OUR Leadership

Highly Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated Doctors

Our doctors form the core strength of the Max Health Hospitals. Our advanced technology and infrastructures enables them to conduct right diagnosis and offer treatment to our patients.

Dr. S V P Reddy

General Physician

Dr. Jayanth Reddy

Director - Urology and Andrology Surgeon

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya

Director - General, GI, and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Puneeth Joopalli

Director - Vascular and Endovascular , Podiatric Surgeon

Dr Prem Kumar Reddy Gade

Director - Critical Care Consultant, Cardiac Anaesthesia

Setting New Benchmarks

Thanks to the sustained efforts of the team in providing excellent healthcare along with continued support of our happy and satisfied patients, Max Health Hospitals has been able deliver the best quality care in Kukatpally as well as other parts of the state and the country. Our high success rates in different specializations speaks volume of our commitment. Max Health Hospital will continue to set new benchmarks in affordable health care with every passing experience.

We also promise ourselves that every feedback will be given due importance and every opportunity that presents to improve our standards will be acknowledged and put into action..